The project

CultHum is a Jean Monnet Module, co-funded by the European Union.

It examines the international and European legal framework on cultural diversity and the protection of fundamental human rights. Special attention is devoted to harmful traditional practices, such as genital mutilations, forced and early marriages, virginity tests, violent initiation rites, traditions related to widowhood, discriminatory practices against women, extreme dietary and sanitary practices, infant begging.

Integral part of the Project is the course Cultural Diversity and Human Rights Law taught by Prof. Angelica Bonfanti.

The Jean Monnet Module includes seminars, workshops and one international conference, involving academics, NGOs and lawyers.

Through the exam of the relevant European and international legal framework and case-law, CultHum provides attendees with the legal background and critical skills to analyze and solve practical and theoretical issues on cultural diversity and the protection of human rights.